We confront all the challenges in modern businesses and provide efficient solutions.

The defining partners of the modern businessman

G.H.Consult operates in the field of consulting, providing  services to businesses and organizations in the Public and Private Sector.

By offering a wide array of services for the development, the organisation and the modernisation of businnesses, we strive to provide in the upgrowth of our clients, so that they can cope successfully with the modern business challenges.


Our Services

The policy of our company is based on the principles of Quality of Services, Consistency, Efficiency and Loyalty to all our customers.


  • Business Valuation Services.
  • Providing Design, Consulting and Research services.
  • Providing scheduling consulting, management, training and development services.
  • Παροχή διατραπεζικών συμβουλών.
  • Providing interbank advice.
  • Property Management.

Planning Studies and Operations Research

  • Distributing limited resources in multiple uses in such a way that maximum efficiency is achieved.
  • Reduce queueing, where actions of facilitating service are investigated.
  • Stock monitoring, where costly funds are being released by implementing proper order policy.

Public Relations and Corporate Communication

  • We create the right communication environment for our clients optimizing the projection of your corporate image.
  • We support your communication actions to targeted audiences.
  • We develop your relations with traditional and digital media.
  • We contribute in growing your brand according to your needs and the level of your awareness in the market.